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[A Reborn Fanmix Community]
Reborn FST

Hello and welcome to Reborn FST! Please abide by the rules.

The Community's posts are viewable to members-only by default. Which means you have to join to be able to see/download the FSTs. This is just to keep us from getting in trouble for sharing music for free and all of that. Membership is open - anyone at all can join!

1. This is a community meant for Reborn fanmixes/FSTs. That said, posts with other content don't really belong here. This is a rather obvious rule.

2. Please try to use mp3 files only, unless someone requests otherwise.

3. Keep your FSTs members-locked, as is the community default.

4. If you don't like the songs used in a fanmix or disagree with it, it's not your place to go around bashing or flaming them or the person who made it. Some people have different tastes in music, and some people interpret characters or pairings differently. It's not something to get upset over or ruin everyone else's experience here over. Try to be as polite as possible.

5. Got a question? Interested in being a moderator? Have any suggestions? Contact me here - shadowpanzuko

6. One FST per post, please. You can make consecutive posts.

7. If a cover exceeds 400x400 pixels, please use a smaller preview image or a LJ cut.

8. Have fun and enjoy the music!

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